Standing Committees

Standing Committees 2016 - 2017

Pursuant to Article XII, Section 2, of the NOBC Bylaws, there are five Standing Committees. Appointments are made by the President-Elect at the Annual Meeting immediately prior to that officer's installation as President.

  • The Budget Committee is composed of the Treasurer and other appointed members, Section 2(a)
  • The Membership Committee is composed of the Secretary and other appointed members, Section 2(b)
  • The Nominating Committee is composed of the Immediate Past President and at least two additional appointed members, Section 2(c)
  • The Amicus Committee is composed of the President Elect, a member designated as chair, and three members recommended for appointment by the chair, Section 2(d)
  • Program Committee is composed of the President-Elect as chair and other volunteer members, Section 2(e)
  • The Resolutions Committee is composed of appointed members, Section 2(f)
  • The Website and Publications Committee is composed of one board member as chair and other appointed members, Section 2(g)

Membership Committee

Charles Centinaro (NJ), Chair
Lawrence Bloom (DC)
William D. Slease (NM)
Katie Uston (VA)

Nominating Committee

William D. Slease (NM), Chair
Melinda J. Bentley (MO)
Tammy Northrup (LA) 

Amicus Committee

Paul J. Burgoyne (PA), Chair
Joanne Abelson (WA)
Melinda J. Bentley (MO)
Chuck Platsmier (LA)
Julia Porter (DC)

Program Committee

Melinda J. Bentley (MO), Chair
Wendy J. Muchman (IL), Vice-Chair

Website and Publications Committee

Katie Uston (VA), Chair 
Steve Pulliam (KY), Webinar Subcommittee Chair 

Kristin Brady (TX)
Josh Brand (MN)
Craig Bray (WA)
Jessica Donahue (WV)

Resolutions Committee

Patricia Schwartz (DE), Chair
Root Edmonson (NC)
Tammy Northrup (LA) 

Budget Committee

Wendy J. Muchman (IL), Chair
Melinda Bentley (MO)
Patricia Schwartz (DE) 

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