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NOBC Entity Regulation Committee Contact List

Melinda Bentley
Missouri Supreme Court Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel
(573) 638-2263

Charles Centinaro
Supreme Court of New Jersey, Office of Attorney Ethics
(609) 530-4008 (Office)
Office E-mail:

James C. Coyle
Colorado Supreme Court
(303) 457-5800 (Office)
Office E-mail:

Susan Fortney
Professor, Maurice Deane School of Law at Hofstra University
Office E-mail:

Tahlia Gordon
Creative Consequences P/L – Law, Business and Regulation Advisory

Robert A. Hawley
California State Bar
(415) 538-2358 (Office)
Office E-mail:

Alison Hook
Solicitors Regulation Authority
442076000000 (Office)
Office E-mail:

Jerry Larkin 
Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
Office E-mail: 

Darrel Pink
Executive Director, Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society
Office E-mail:

Ellyn Rosen
American Bar Association
(312) 988-5311 (Office)
Office E-mail:

Amy Salyzyn
Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa Law
Office E-mail:

Matthew Samuelson
Office Of Attorney Regulation Counsel
Office E-mail:

Ted Schneyer
Professor, University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law
Office E-mail:

William D. Slease
New Mexico Disciplinary Board
(505) 842-5781 (Office)
Office E-mail:

Laurel Terry
Professor, Pennsylvania State University, Dickinson School of Law
(Office) Office E-mail:

Hope C. Todd
District of Columbia Bar – Department of Regulation Counsel
(202) 737-4700 ext. 3231
(Office) Office E-mail:

Frederic Ury
Ury & Moskow, L.L.C.
(Office) Office E-mail:

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