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NOBC Special Service Recognition Awards

The NOBC Board of Directors has established a Special Service Recognition Award to honor those who have contributed significant service to the NOBC, other than serving on the Board of Directors, and who have not received the President’s Award. This is to ensure that those who are unable to offer the level of time commitment needed to serve as a NOBC Board member are honored for their service, which is so important to the work that the NOBC accomplishes.

Nominations are now being accepted.  Each nomination should include the following:

  1. Nominee's Name and Address
  2. Please provide the dates of service during which the Nominee has served the NOBC.
  3. Please describe in detail the impact that the Nominee's service has had upon the NOBC including:
    1. significant changes or improvements in the services that the NOBC provides to its Members which the Nominee has either initiated or participated in implementing;
    2. significant contributions which the Nominee has made to the NOBC through dedicated service, representation before other bodies, and contributions to NOBC dialogue and discourse; and
    3. any other significant service which the Nominee has provided to the NOBC.
  4. Please describe any and all service which the Nominee has provided, or contributions which the Nominee has made, to the legal profession as a whole and to the general public Each nomination should be accompanied by a written explanation of how and why the Nominee meets the above criteria. A recent Curriculum Vitae should also be attached to the nomination. You will be notified directly by the Board of Directors of the NOBC of the action taken upon your nomination. If your Nominee is chosen for a Special Service Recognition, he/she will be notified by the President of the NOBC following notification to you, which will occur immediately following the Board vote upon your nomination. The Nominee will be recognized with the presentation of a Resolution at the next NOBC Conference following the Board's vote.
  5. Deadline for submitting nominations for the 2014 Awards is June 1, 2014

Download a copy of the Special Service Recognition Award Nomination Form here »

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